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5 Functionality Of The Beauty Salon Modern Reception Desk

When setting up your beauty salon choosing your modern reception desk is an important decision. You must choose a desk that says a statement about your business but yet that is also functional. Your desk is in most cases your main focal point of your room and one of the first things that your clients will notice. This is what is giving your clients the first impression of your shop. If you reception desk is organized and shows you are ready for business then your clients will be more comfortable and confident in you.

Why Is This Important?

When setting up your salon for a professional look, putting a solid wood roll top desk at the entrance is probably not the best choice. When a client has a good first impression and is comfortable with you, they are much easier to please. It is then wise to decorate the rest of your salon in the same style to match and compliment your reception desk. When you establish a good repor with them, they will listen to your professional advice and suggestions. When they are in a good mood they are much easier to satisfy with a new style or color. Showing that you are professional and more organized will help to increase your business to a more successful level.follow their latest blog post for more details.

Making It Functional

• Make sure it is large enough to have a phone and appointment book area

• If you are going to have your receptionist take your payments, there must be room for
her to have a cash register preferably near the phone

• In some salons the reception area has a large counter that is also used for the nail

• Some salons will have a small display shelf with a special product that is on sale

• Make sure it can handle any special needs without looking cluttered

Establishing Your Professionalism

When you are setting up your receptionist desk area, you are establishing your reputation as far as how you represent your business. The way you represent your business is also representing you. When you represent yourself as positive and confident your customers will be more confident in you and your suggestions. So once you have picked out your desk, make sure to decorate the remainder of your salon to match. Add those personal touches that tie all the big pieces together and totally build up your image.check more latest news at

Reception Area Furniture

As your business grows, so can your décor. You can always add more details to your décor as you get busier and have more money in your budget to decorate. So remember in the beginning to make sure that you choose wisely and select a quality desk that will look nice but also meet the functionable needs that you might have. Do not place the cheapest desk that you can find in your reception area, make this one of your most important purchases. If you are going to have a receptionist make sure that she has that people personality that will make your business boom. Do not use a large conference room table for your work or reception area.

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