Yellow IKEA Reception Desk Ideas

How Is An L-Shaped Modern Reception Desk The Best Choice?

There are many different styles and choices of reception desks to choose from when setting up your office. Some things to consider when making your selections are: how big is the area that you can use for a desk? Some of the larger areas can use a U shaped desk or a little smaller area can use an L shaped. There are many others to choose from such as a smaller basic style to the much larger elegant styles and designs. Consider the look that you want to accomplish and the statement that you want to full post at

Why Does It Matter?

When setting up your modern reception desk area, keep in mind that this is one of the first impressions that your clients or customers will have of your business. When a good first impression is made, it increases the chance that you will have a more successful business. Make sure that the area is not cluttered so a bigger area is normally better. There are many different styles that are made out of a variety of different materials. They have desks that are made from glass, real wood, real wood with glass tops, and various laminates or pressed boards.

Is The L Shaped A Good Choice?

• It offers more room and helps to reduce clutter
• Gives you room to set up your computer and work area while on the other side you can
set up your telephone and appointment or message book
• This shape can give you room to set files for clients that are coming into the office each
• Can be purchased with drawers that will help with room for storage
• This shape can be very defining and make a quality statement all of its own

How To Choose?

When looking for you reception desk, the L shaped is similar to having two counters put together to make one larger area. It makes a great work area and will give your receptionist plenty of room, to organize her equipment that she needs to help your office run smoothly. Many can be purchased with a small counter on the top for the customers to use to put their check book on when writing a check. This style has enough counter space that it should be easy to keep the clutter in its own place and make the desk area neat and clean.

Yellow IKEA Reception Desk Ideas

When searching check out the options that you will benefit from the most. Select on that is quality made and will last for a long time. This makes spending more money on your purchase more reasonable. When you purchase one made from real wood such as oak or mahogany, these should be very sturdy and durable and will make a grand statement for your business. Your budget will help to determine how quality you can purchase. Since you are already shopping for quality office furniture, save some time and go ahead and get some prices for your large conference room tables.

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